Buenos Aires Airport (EZE) – Taxi

If you need to take a taxi ride from Buenos Aires Airport (EZE) to Buenos Aires city centre you’ll find a rank of taxis at the Arrivals area of Ezeiza Airport. Due to the Airport is located approximately just about 20 km away from Buenos Aires city centre, a taxi ride should take around 35 minutes and can cost around 450 Pesos or ARS (24€). The taxi companies operating at Buenos Aires Airport (EZE) are the following:

- REMIS World Car: +54 1154801215/ www.worldcar-sa.com/ reservas@worldcar-sa.com

- REMIS VIP Cars: +54 1154804590/ www.worldcar-sa.com/ reservas@worldcar-sa.com

- REMIS Transfer Express: +54 1158111986/ reservas@transferexpress.com.ar

- Taxis Municipalidad de Ezeiza: +54 11548000669383

- Taxis Municipalidad de la ciudad de Buenos Aires: +54 111569870183

If you like the car sharing concept, you can also check Uber options around Buenos Aires, it may be easy to find a car sharing option from Buenos Aires Airport (EZE).