Buenos Aires Airport (EZE) – Terminals

Buenos Aires Airport (EZE) is located just about 20 km away from Buenos Aires city centre, in the district of Ezeiza. To have a reference, a car ride from Buenos Aires Airport to Buenos Aires centre can take around 25 minutes and with public transport almost 2 hours (due to the slow public connections). Buenos Aires Airport (EZE) has 3 passenger terminals along the same large passenger building:

Terminal A

With gates A2-10, operating in both TA and TB, it shares gate area with Terminal B.

Terminal B

Opened 2013, with gates B11-13, Terminal B shares gate area with Terminal A. It offers a wide number of services, security and technology such as five boarding bridges, 20 check-in counters, 33 airlines, VIP rooms, six lounges on floor 3 with walkways for transfer passengers etc… With the total completion of the new Terminal B it can accommodate up to 13 million passengers a year, has 21 airbridges, processes 4,000 passengers at peak hours, and offers 4,800 parking spaces.

Terminal C

Opened in 2011, named as the "Mercedes Sosa" terminal - used by Aerolineas Argentinas, it offers the newest technology and security features. Terminal C of Ezeiza Airport can accommodate 13 million passengers and about 90,000 operations a year. The terminal has 21 telescopic bridges, 20 check-in counters, 12 immigration lanes, 600 seats in pre-boarding area, is able to process 4,000 passengers per hour, and provides 4,800 parking spaces.

Services and Facilities

Buenos Aires Airport (EZE) has a wide number of services and facilities at its passenger Terminals. A part from several restaurants, cafeterias, dutty free shops, ATM’s, Currency exchange, Wifi access, the airport offers many other services and facilities such as:

- Car rental offices
- Luggage and storage lockets
- Luggage wrapping
- Massage chairs
- Pharmacies
- Post offices - Showers
- Parking areas

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