Buenos Aires Airport (EZE) – Transport

Ezeiza Airport is located just abot 20 km away from Buenos Aires city centre. At Buenos Aires Airport (EZE) you can use the following transport options to go to Buenos Aires city centre or to other points and destinations:


Ezeiza Airport is well connected with Buenos Aires city centre with several bus lines. There are some bus lines connecting Ezeiza Airport and Buenos Aires city centre: line 394 and shuttle buses.

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Car rental

Renting a car in Buenos Aires is a great idea if you want to travel around within the city and its sorroundings. Find your best car rental option with our search engine.

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You’ll find a wide rank of taxis in the at the Arrivals area of Ezeiza Airport (EZE). The taxi ride from EZE Airport to Buenos Aires city centre should take around 35 minutes and cost about 450 Pesos (24€).

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There is no railway line connecting Buenos Aires Airport (EZE) with Buenos Aires city centre.